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AVR Devices

Version 4 - March 11, 2008.

This library now includes ONLY ATMEL AVR microcontrollers. It is the result of merging all other available device libraries available at http://www.cadsoft.de/download as of the time it was made. In addition to the legacy AT90* devices, it includes most ATMEGA devices including the new 48/88/168, most ATTiny devices and a set of ISP and JTAG pin headers.

Based on the following sources:

  • www.atmel.com
  • file at90smcu_v400.zip
  • avr.lbr and atmel.lbr as provided by CadSoft
  • avr-1.lbr by David Blundell
  • avr-2.lbr by Boris Zalokar
  • avr-3.lbr by Carson Reynolds
  • attiny24_44_84.lbr by Pawel Szramowski (ATTiny24/44/84 devices)
  • atmel.lbr by Bob Starr (ISP headers)
  • moates_custom_parts.lbr (edge ISP)
  • other misc sources
Revised by David Blundell (blundar at gmail dot com) and others.